Data Sharing


Data Items as Papers

In the new environment of modern scientific publishing, data items are finally getting the equivalent status of papers. We can today publish a dataset and get a Digital Object Identifier DOI reference to it, making it citable.

For example

Ortega, Ana; Behdadfar, Sareh; Li, Lin; Zenteno, Omar (2014): Tralitus Saltator. figshare. (

Career Rewards

Now that data items are citable, data sharing activities can be accounted as part of the career reward system for researchers. Thus recognizing the valuable contributions that data sharers make to their respective fields and communities.

In this new environment, data items no longer need to be sequestered until a traditional article is published. Instead, data can be shared immediately after acquisition for the benefit of the larger scientific community.

Data Sharing Sites

Many data sharing sites are available.

Here are a few examples that are focused on certain communities

You may find additional specific data sharing sites for your specific field.


Now that we have acquired several images in the mobile device, it is time to move these images to an online platform where they can be cataloged, linked to, and downloaded.

We are going to perform this in three steps:

  1. Export images from the mobile device
  2. Upload images to a data sharing web site
  3. Download images via REST API

Run through the 02-DataSharing.ipynb notebook in the repository.